Fear and Trembling in Riverdale: Episode 6 Photo Recap

18CSo, Price Peterson is on a photo recap sabbatical and also maybe wouldn’t photo recap Sexy Archie anyway, so I’m filling this hole in my life by allowing the little Price Peterson that lives in my mind free reign to chop up episode 6 of Riverdale into a weird photo collage mess. Here we go!

We open, as ever, with a narration from everyone’s favorite way-too-self-serious emo loner. This week’s theme: fear.1233B

Betty and Jughead, junior sleuthers, then distract Mrs. Cooper using her fear of teenage sexuality to figure out what’s goin on with Polly.4566A

Cut to: Boring Archie and his boring problems. 77A88A99A

More sleuthing!9B9C9D111212A1313A13B13C

Ronnie’s fears this week (of coming to grips with the life she knew is gone and of feeling invisible) didn’t ram you over the head, but still felt pretty heartbreaking: 1414B14C14D14E14F

But really, Jughead and Betty’s story felt like it belonged in an entirely different show. Is the rest of the show gonna catch up with them or is the show gonna address this discordancy? Though, maybe the characters of Jughead and Betty themselves (and Cheryl) – hiding the trouble in their lives so carefully from everyone else – are exactly where that illusion could/should shatter.1515A15B15C

(I mean, there’s gotta be something, right??)

Ugh, also, A+++ for this crazy, nightmare-inducing look from Polly:


Oof, and also this:1717A17C17D17E

And then back to the non-terror side of Riverdale. Really, watching this show in the current era of POTUS45 gaslighting really feels particularly poignant – there is always something AWFUL going on right around the corner or directly under the surface, but everyone is telling you it’s nothing and then is reminding you that you are making a big deal out of nothing. And then shoves a storyline about construction and music drama down your throat.1818A18B18C18D

Hermione then proceeds to tell her daughter that she has the power to sign over a contract to Fred (expecting what, exactly?) and when Ronnie refuses, makes this move (which also makes zero sense):18E

Then a little bit of levity with our heroes:1920

(Side note, did you know Sabrina’s maybe gonna make an appearance later this season?)21222324252627282930313233343536373839

Back to the spectacle of distraction keeping Riverdale citizens busy:4044



#ArchieHorror right around the corner?474849

And we finish off the episode remembering that today’s central theme is FEAR with a montage of truly scary-sad moments:70717273


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