Black Swanning in Riverdale: Episode 7 Photo Recap

This week’s episode was the best so far – about strained father-son relationships, loneliness, and infuriating justice systems – but it also got me thinking more than ever about our narrator. Is Jughead actually the most unreliable narrator we could have, and maybe just maybe he is inventing all of this drama as he writes his novel and creating love where he is so sorely missing it? The lines between reality and delusion are pushed right to the forefront in his dream, which we are dropped so abruptly into at the beginning of the episode:A1.png

Those Cooper ladies sure are great at creepy head moves:


This image of Jughead’s harsh reality shakes him into the real world (BUT IS IT THE REAL WORLD??):A3

And our narrator goes for a Wes Craven reference instead of the much more fitting Harry Potter reference for living in a cupboard under the stairs with spiders..A4A5

Or maybe it’s just a metaphor for the monster inside him???A6A7A8

Archie’s response to Jughead talking about Betty is really strange, actually. I mean, they’re all friends at least, right?A9A10A11

Ronnie, on how awful Riverdale is getting:A11AA12A13

Jughead then goes looking for his dad to try to convince him to return to work with Fred Andrews.A14A15

Ronnie manages to have a cold war with her mom in the midst of the drama about Polly.A16A17A18A19A20

The first time I watched this episode, I was really surprised (and infuriated) by the sheriff’s suspicion of Jughead, but then watching this scene again had me wondering:A21A22

I mean, I know it’s problematic (and a stretch), but also, why the fuck is Jughead distracted during this romance scene?


But then Betty gets her own mirror surprise:A24A25A26A27A28A29A30

Hard to have sympathy for you here, V:A31A32A33A34A35A36A37A38A39A40A41A42A43A44A45A46A47A48A49A50


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